The Factory

Since its inception in 2003, Apakabar has conceived, created and executed a wide variety of projects. Their founders, Andre Khayat & Shalva Amos have been manufacturing and exporting furniture respectively for the past 18 and 12 years.

Apakabar prides itself on maintaining the highest quality standards for each individual piece of furniture we produce. Our staff are trained to respect and achieve the most demanding of European standards.

Situated in the heart of the Indonesian forest, our factory manages the entire wood working process from cutting through to finishing.  Due to our involvement in the full process, we take very seriously our responsibility of maintaining a fair balance between equitable allocation of natural resources and partnership with the local community. We value customers who share our concern and commitment to maintaining this important balance and we encourage them to purchase our Eco-friendly ranges made out of Recycle wood.

Apakabar’s factory

  • Manufactures all types of furniture, various styles and reedit classical furniture.
  • Designs unique furniture and a special accessories collection all over the year
  • Our factory sells existing stock or manufactures on order
  • We execute special hospitality projects like hotels, restaurants and more
  • We offer a holistic design consulting service.

All the creation and Design consulting is realised by our Interior design office: Serenity Park, founded by the designer Shalva AMOS.


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